Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Many Benefits of Yoga

Yes, and so it seems that Yoga is believed by some to enhance fertility. Nicollette Sheridan seeks to improve the odds.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Observer

Once you become the observer of your thoughts, you can become the conductor of the orchestra of life.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tough Duty

I've been working on my professional development at work for quite some time now. Things aren't advancing for me at a pace that helps me maintain my interest, passion and, well, patience. The good news is that I am doing fabulous things for my team in terms of creating growth opportunities. It I let myself, I may start breeding ill-will. Certainly, this is not a good path.

In relative terms, I do have things very good. I don't have to look far to find those in need of something -- improved health, love in their life, even something as simple as a problem solved. It is good to reach out and help others. However, like they say on the airplane, "Put on your oxygen mask first, and then aid others."

All will work out, and will work out well. That's not being delusional. Things will work out because I'll see that they do :)

Saturday, April 22, 2006


My name is Courtney, and it's been seven days since I last wrote to my blog. The past several weeks have given me the opportunity to lose my balance in life as I have been spending disproportionate time and effort in some areas and not others. In my frenzy of activity, I have lost sight of my fundamentals, my rudiments, and those tenets which -- when followed -- have served me well.

I forgot about the benefits of rest, and lost briefly my emotional balance.

I forgot about letting those troubling items wait until the most appropriate time to solve them. It is generally not 3:30 in the morning. I forgot that, too.

I forgot about focusing on those things where I could affect the outcome favorably.

I forgot about the need to do different things, not just one or two.

I did remember one thing, however. I remembered that I'm human. And, I think I remembered before it's too late.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Let Go of the Bone

My father once made the observation of the dog who continues to chew on the old bone, on and on, refusing to ever let it go. Recently, I've been chewing on a bone and refusing to let it go. There's not much to that bone, now -- I've gnawed it into meal and then proceeded to work on my teeth. Not a good idea.

The issue I'm working is far less interesting than the concept of letting go. You can plug in your own problem, which would be the one locked into your mind that you refuse to release. The same problem that keeps you awake at night. The same problem that inhibits you from doing other useful things. The same problem that exists in a place between you and your happiness. Yes, that problem.

For the sake of sanity (and my teeth) I found several ways to release this problem. The first was to preoccupy my mind working on a task. My choice was to make a music mix for a friend, scouring my collection, putting the mix together with careful and thoughtful arrangement of ths songs. Focusing on doing something nice for someone else is a great way to move on.

There is also Yoga, which is a consistent way to allow your mind to break out of an endless loop. The focus on breathing followed by the active integration of movement serves as a great release. By the way, anytime you're just not feeling right about whatever, take the 10 minutes to just sit and breathe deeply.

And, another great release is writing to this blog. It's always helpful to put into writing the things that are important to us.

Finally, reading this blog to see how I dealt with things in the past. I found a posting where I convinced myself that I should only spend time working on a problem when I am in the context to deal with it, which may include other people with whom I need to interact. It makes no sense to work the endless loop when you're not in a position to influence the outcome.

Along with these ways to let go of the bone, there is always just opening your mouth, dropping to bone, turning away and sniff around for something more interesting. I don't think my Dad observed the next steps the dog took. However, I do think he'd go along with my plan.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Evening in Suburbia

When I came home from Yoga, I did one of my normal Monday evening activities -- took the trash to the street. As I wheeled the large forrest green container downhill to the street, steering with one hand and finishing a cell phone call in the other, I noticed one of my neighbors coming up the street. Susan is one of my buddies and a Seinfeld fan. Seeing as how I was perfectly attired, still in Yoga garb, the next move was the "Elaine Company Party Dance." I recognize that I lack talent in dancing, and realize that dancing badly on purpose is actually good dancing.

Susan came over to congratulate me on Jenn's acceptance at NW, she being an alumni and all. I was happy to know that Jenn was instructed how to peform the secret handshake.

I then learned that I was not the only person outside on this fairly cool, early spring evening. And, I was not the only person talking on my phone. Susan shared the interesting conversation fragments collected along her walk -- much like one might pick flowers from the garden if the separated themselves from the plant and jumped uninvited into your basket. Somebody was writing a novel. Another, trouble at work. Yet another, trouble at home. My call was about none of these things.

She is one of the few people who truly gets "the way it works" at work from an HR perspective. Dilbertesque is well-known; the art of recognizing it is mastered, in fact. When I shared my turnaround situation at work, I was informed that dysfunctional teams of people are quite common across Business in America. In general, it was nice to collaborate with someone outside my business and industry with this level of understanding.

I didn't get to share on pearl of wisdom which emerged today, which was the "need to take the complex problem and the complicated people, and simplify the work by applying the well-established practices and disciplines that accompany outstanding project management." I could go back out to the front yard, and call Susan to share this. Maybe tomorrow night, in suburbia.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Plowing Away

Not a lot new to report. Mostly, I've continued to move ahead on my running projects. I'm learning some new Debussey, and also looking (rather, listening) for some new music. French class is fun, and we'll have this Thursday night off (Spring Break?) Still working my XML stuff and I went through the first monthly report pull. It highlighted the need for some additional categories and REALLY highlighted the need for intermediate summaries. Still, the capture of data is really helpful and I've already been able to organize a ton of data and information.

Training and Yoga have been going well. I always enjoy working to improve my Yoga, and have found the training helps me focus on the muscles and core strength that are very enabling. I wish I had the freedom and skill to connect music and movement in something one might call dance.

My work will keep me busy this week. There is an abundance of opportunity to do so much good. It's really going to be a great week to make a big difference!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Legal in NC?

I wonder if Hot Nude Yoga would be considered legal in North Carolina .

Then, there is Yoga in Bed -- a legitimate reason to stay in bed an extra 10 minutes.

And, if all this leaves you worn out there is Shabbat Yoga for the day of rest.

These guys must have been reading my blog. (Actually, they're practicing laughter Yoga.)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Notes and Observations

It seems that I've been away from my own blog for a while. It's not that I'm not doing anything -- in fact, quite the contrary. I will admit that I'm holding back a little bit, though. For example, I'm not quite as driven at this time toward piano. It's hard to tell if it's energy level or interest. Regardless, I'll look to rebalance and see if I'm allocating enough of the right time to the right activities.

The Yoga has been a priority for me as I feel like I'm on a good learning curve right now. The classes that I'm in are very positive with a nice group of people and excellent instruction. I'm still dedicated to my floor training, but I'm still getting used to the new time. I try to hit French first thing in the morning. Work still gets the majority of my time and I still find each day simultaneously filled with challenge and reward.

I found an article that I read the other night somewhat disturbing. It described the use of Yoga for traning of Indian troops who guard the Pakistani border. While the virtues of Yoga for physical training were highlighted, the existence of Yoga as part of a military training regimine didn't converge fittingly. Rather than be at war with Pakistan, invite the troops together to mutually benefit from the practice of Yoga and agree to put the differences aside.

As it's been said, good things sometimes spring from adversity. I'm lead to the notion of Yoga as a leadership model for peace. It's difficult to imagine inherent malice existing in a person who is dedicated to practicing Yoga. And, with this, what of the people who teach Yoga? One who teaches Yoga has gone even further in the principals and practices of leading others in the journey to hightened awareness and inner peace through the physical practice.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Looks like splendid weather for a relaxing Sunday. I'm thinking sunset at Mapleview over a coffee and toasted almond.

On the tech front, I had some integration issues with the dbxml. In the interim, PHP5 has a lot of XML capabilities. I will work on learning and using these to start getting the information to the screen. The db integration may take a little more time.

French is coming along and I'll probably start learning something new on piano this week -- an endurance piece with a constant stream of funny little fast notes.

I was disappointed for Jenn that Harvard, Yale and Columbia could not accommodate her this year. She is thrilled about going to Northwestern, and with family in the Chicago area she'll be in a very good way.

In Yoga this weekend, I was able to extend a little my capability. Sage had taught the handstand some time back and shared the easy way to kick up. On Saturday, I was able to balance in a handstand in space for just a little bit (although I stayed by the wall for security).