Monday, January 01, 2007

Yoga Class

2007 is the year where with all going to plan I'll be certified to teach yoga. Part of my teacher training is to log 20 hours of teaching. I have arranged to do a 10-week, hourly class for the first 10 hours at work. Currently, I'm in the process of doing the lesson planning for the class. While I'm sure some of the plan will be subject to change, given the skill and background of the majority of students, I want to have a solid plan to work from.

At some point, I'm sure I could improvise a yoga class, but for the first class I really want the benefit of planning.

The teacher training class didn't meet in December, and I really miss my classmates. There are 15 students in the class and the teacher makes 16. Somehow, this group has come together quickly and it's a good mix.

Today, we take Jenn to the airport as she heads back for her second quarter of college. We will miss her very much as it's been most enjoyable having her back in the house for the last three weeks.

Finally, no new year's resolutions for me -- well, unless you call trying to stay in the moment a resolution. I see how quickly time goes by. There's no reason not to enjoy and savor life, one breath at a time.

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